Tuesday, July 26, 2011



                        Rava(medium): 1 cup
                        Water: 2 cups
                        Dill (sabsige soppu): 1/4 cup chopped
                        Onion(small): 1/2 chopped
                        Ginger: 1'' piece chopped
                        Lemon juice: 2 tbspn
                        Coconut Powder: 1 tbspn
                        Oil: 3 tbspn
                        Mustard seeds:1/2 tspn
                        Channa dal: 1 tbspn
                        Cumin(jeera): 1/4 tspn
                        Curry Leaves: 4-5
                        Green chilli: 2 (cut it lengthwise)
                        Salt to taste
                        Coriander leaves to garnish

                1. Roast the rava using little oil on medium heat. Keep it aside.
                2. Heat a pan and then add oil, mustard seeds, cumin and curry leaves.
               3. Add channa dal and fry until light brown in color.
               4. Add onion, green chilli, dill leaves, salt and ginger. Fry for 2 mins.
               5. Add water and let it boil.
               6. Now slowly add rava, mix thoroughly making sure no lumps are formed.
              7. Cover and let it cook.
              8. Add coconut powder and lemon juice. Mix well.
              9. Garnish with coriander leaves.
             10. Serve hot with a pickle.

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